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[/font] В г. Красногорск, по адресу ул. Ново-Никольская 52-А, на втором этаже ТЦ НИКОЛЬСКИЙ открылся магазин СВЕТ. Большой выбор люстр, бра, светильников, торшеров (цены ниже чем в интернете), элетротоваров, а также светодиодных ламп на любой вкус и кошелек.
Так же на втором этаже торгового центра открылся магазин женской одежды больших размеров и детская одежда.
Ожидается открытие салона красоты и текстиля для дома (постельное белье, домашняя одежда...)
Pentagon diverts military funding to pay border wall mexico

With its Trump administration struggling to fund its border wall, and its White House facing questions about its own ability to execute the executive orders that will govern it, the Pentagon is drawing up plans to divert funds to pay for a proposed wall along the US-Mexico border, the Associated Press reports, citing four administration officials.


"We have several options, the most common one is that we would divert a significant portion of our funding to pay for that," said a person familiar with the thinking of the Department of Homeland Security.

It is unclear exactly what the White House has decided to do with those funds but some White House officials are reportedly still talking about it, and White House officials have asked that Congress approve the border wall before the end of the year, according to the AP.

Trump's campaign promises for a border wall and deportation efforts have been frustrated by his slow and sometimes contradictory actions on the issue. He has made the wall a political centerpiece and promised in July to put border security on the front burner as the Trump administration prepares for the January 20 inauguration — an initiative already underway, as the US Border Patrol has begun moving more people across the country.


But Trump's own actions on immigration and Mexico's relationship with the US have also been controversial, with the President recently sending the Department of Homeland Security more money to help it apprehend Mexican immigrants than it had requested to support operations along the US-Mexico border, Politico reports.

On top of spending billions of dollars on a border wall, the US military has been putting soldiers on "watch duty" at US bases all over the world, as well as in the south-west US states of California, Texas, Florida, and the Carolinas.


As President Trump has pushed to build a wall along the US-Mexico border and begin deporting undocumented immigrants from those countries, some lawmakers have called the move an attack on US sovereignty that should force Congress to back off funding for any border wall.

"I think there's an obvious conflict of values here, whether it is the border wall or whether it is a program like that that should include military, border guard, and military training and things like that," Georgia State Senator David Perdue, chair of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, told the Washington Post recently.

On Wednesday the president was asked about reports that the federal government is diverting money from the US Department of Defense to pay for a border wall during an interview on Fox News that airs Wednesday.

"I have nothing further to add. Thank you," Trump said.

Man falls 10 metres off ship in darwin

7/28/2014 8:05 AM (MST) An incident on the vessel has occured, we cannot ascertain the cause. A large crowd of fans have gathered on the bow of the ship to watch the live broadcast, many of them yelling, singing and shouting to support the sailors. This may be a distraction to the fire from the bow section.

7/28/2014 8:05 AM (MST) The vessel was towed ashore by the coast guard and taken to their repair bay.

7/28/2014 8:15 AM (MST)

7/28/2014 8:18 AM (MST) No information received

7/28/2014 8:20 AM (MST)

7/28/2014 8:22 AM (MST) We hope to receive updates from them within the next couple of hours. As always, thank you for your kind interest in Australian Sea Shepherd.

07/28/2014 12:00 PM (MST)

7/28/2014 12:12 PM (MST)

7/28/2014 12:16 PM (MST)

7/28/2014 12:22 PM (MST)

7/28/2014 12:24 PM (MST)

7/28/2014 12:25 PM (MST)

07/28/2014 12:26 PM (MST)

7/28/2014 12:28 PM (MST)

07/28/2014 12:29 PM (MST)

7/28/2014 12:31 PM (MST)

7/28/2014 12:32 PM (MST)

7/28/2014 12:34 PM (MST)

07/28/2014 12:37 PM (MST)

7/28/2014 12:38 PM (MST)

7/28/2014 12:38 PM (MST)

07/28/2014 12:39 PM (MST)

07/28/2014 12:41 PM (MST)

07/28/2014 12:42 PM (MST)

07/28/2014 12:43 PM (MST)

07/28/2014 12:45 PM (MST)

7/28/2014 12:50 PM (MST)

7/28/2014 12:53 PM (MST)

7/28/2014 12:54 PM (MST)

07/28/2014 12:57 PM (MST)



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